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I'm an actor. I'm also a woodworker - but like - there's a whole other site devoted to that shit. 

The thing is - I like what I do - I wanna work with people who make shit happen and love what the make.

I've performed from California to New York City, and call Chicago my home. I've done a crazy-ton of Shakespeare, a butt-ton of new plays, and musicals, well, I sprinkle those in as well. 

If you are still reading it means my swearing hasn't offended you yet - and I don't aim to do so. I also do TV and film as well as voice over work. 

Get in touch.

Brett Sechrist

NV Talent

900 N Franklin St #709

Chicago, IL 60610



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Beautiful Autistic - 2016

Chicago Dramatists Jeff Nomination - Best Actor in a Play